The RICH Life Of Lil Wayne (A Look Into His Lifestyle)

Michael McCrudden series “The RICH Life” shows the lifestyle and net worth of celebrities. In this episode he goes into Lil Wayne’s finances which currently settles up to around $62 million! Michael describes how Weezy earns his money from his music, clothing line, his own sports agency and a few other business ventures.

The RICH Life also goes into how Lil Wayne spends his money, from purchasing properties located in Louisiana back in 2006 for $1.75 million and also a property in Florida that same year for $11.6 million. Lil Wayne also has an impressive car collection which at the top of list is his Bugatti Veyron which at the time cost $1.8 million and was the 2nd fastest car in the world.

Lil Wayne also has a taste for Art, which has been estimated worth of $30 million. As you can see in the video clip below, Lil Wayne is living a very comfortable life which hopefully gets you motivated to get your own hustle on!